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Keukenhof  literally means kitchen courtyard. Actually it is an annual garden show located at Lisse, The Netherlands. It begins sometime in March and ends on the third week of May.
Video 1 of 5 Tulip gardens
Video 2 of 5 Tulip gardens
Video 3 of 5 Oranje Nassau Pavilion
Video 4 of 5 Willem Alexander Pavilion
Video 5 of 5 Inspirational gardens 

Tip: buy a combi ticket for € 21,--. It means you have a return ticket and entrance ticket. You can buy on-line paying with a credit card or buy from a tourist office.

Public transportation is most accessible in going to Keukenhof.
From Schiphol airport
 If you are a tourist waiting for your flight in the evening at Schiphol airport then it might interest you to know that there is a bus going straight to Keukenhof. Duration of travel: 35 minutes. The last bus leaves at past 7 pm.
From The Hague
 If you’re coming from The Hague Central station, there is  bus 89 going straight to Keukenhof but only during weekdays. Travel time: 50 minutes.  The last bus leaves at around 5 pm.
If you’ll be there in a weekend then you ride a train going to Amsterdam which stops at Leiden centraal train station. Train fare: € 6,40 return ticket.  Then ride shuttle bus 54 at platform 1 at the side of the station. Duration of travel with the train: 12 minutes. From Leiden to Keukenhof: 25 minutes. The last bus leaves at past 7 pm.
From Amsterdam
Ride bus 197 from Leidseplein/Museumplein to reach Schiphol. Then transfer to bus 58 in going to Keukenhof.
At Keukenhof, there are 5 pavilions: Beatrix, Oranje Nassau, Wilhelmina, Juliana and Willem Alexander. Pavilion Beatrix houses varieties of orchids. Wilhelmina pavilion is a restaurant. Juliana pavilion has exhibits/films but no flowers. Oranje Nassau has a garden show.
Practical tips
There are restaurants and stalls to buy food and drinks. Tip: If you are a practical traveller like me, I just buy sandwiches from the supermarket as pack lunch because I don’t want to pay € 4,50 for a sandwich.  Tip for travellers from Schiphol airport, buy sandwiches at Hema supermarket or AH (Albert Heijn) to go because you pay the local prices. Tip for travellers stopping at Leiden centraal, opposite the station is Jumbo supermarket.

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