zondag 5 augustus 2012

Castlefest is a fantasy festival in The Netherlands which is held every first weekend of August at Castle Keukenhof in Lisse. It is a three-day festival  of concerts, different workshops, food and market stands, campings, story-telling, various tents of different fantasy groups, sword fighting, etc. The visitors are dressed to the best of their ability and creativity. It starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.
You can ride a train in going to Castle Keukenhof. If your departure is either Amsterdam or The Hague, you have to find a train which bring you to station Hillegom. There is a shuttle bus going straight to the festival terrain. Price is € 4 for a two-way ticket. The entrance ticket for a day is € 22.
Video 1  visitors in medieval/fantasy costumes and medieval tents of participating organizations
Video 2  feat. Steampunk garden
Video 3  visitors in their creative costumes and Bird live
Video 4 firing a cannon, archery, story telling and battle
Fllickr photos taken by Dedsharp photography  (Dedsharp has already placed a few photos, more coming up so if you are interested, come back to this link from time to time).

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