maandag 6 augustus 2012

Varend Corso Westland
Varend Corso Westland means Floating flower parade in English. It is a yearly event during the first week of August in Westland, a region in Western Netherlands. It is a three-day boat parade sailing the routes in Westland, Rijmond and Delfland. If it coincides with your visit in the city of Delft  then it is a nice opportunity to see this boat parade. The Delft route is usually on the third day (Sunday) at around 1:45 pm. You can sit beside the canals and wait for the boats to sail. Just go to Oostpoort (Eastern gate), the only remaining brick gothic style gate in the city which was built in 1400.
I notice that most people combine the affair with picnicking. They bring foods, drinks, mats and folded chairs to the location. More than 30 boats join the parade. The boats are decorated with beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables which make them very colorful. People in the boats show various themes with different kinds of music, dances and theatrical acts which make it very pleasant and exciting to watch. 
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