zondag 14 augustus 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair at Haarzuilens & Arcen

Elf Fantasy Fair speaks for itself, a yearly fantasy event which is held in Kasteel Haarzuilens (April) in Utrecht  and at Kasteeltuinen in Arcen. What's the harm of escaping from reality once in a while by dressing yourself up with what you want to be in your fantasy for a day or two? Afterwards, you go back to your normal, humanly life. This is an event where there are a lot of stalls selling fantasy stuff, program of activities like royal coronation, medieval times, short concerts, medieval foods, etc.
An entrance fee is required to enter this fantasy event. We enjoy every time we attend this affair. Sometimes we also dress up but othertimes, just in our daily clothes bumping into orks, elfs, dark and evil characters, royal family, scifi characters, medieval people, etc.
We usually rent a car but public transportation such as trains and buses are also accessible.
Upon reaching a designated train station, there are service buses bringing fantasy people to the location.
Here are my short videos 2011 at Haarzuilens:
inauguration and royal defilé
public in costumes
people in costumes at Dark Woods location
medieval fields
people in costumes
more people in costumes
glimpse of activities
Onno van Gulik, fire in style show

Photos taken by husband:
Photo album 2011
Photo album 2010

Here are short videos 2010 at Arcen:
honouring King and Queen of Elfia
horseback riding Dutch princesses
people in costumes
activities & more costumes

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