zondag 14 augustus 2011

Summer darkness in Utrecht

Summer Darkness is a dark underground interdisciplinary festival located in the gothic city square of Utrecht. It is a festival mixing music, fashion, arts, market, and dark underground dancenights. It happens during the last week of July.
With the gothic church and garden in the city, it is a perfect location for this kind of event. People show up in different outfits. There are stalls where one can buy gothic and funky clothes, shoes, accessories and audio cd's. At Tivoli concert hall, one can watch concerts with entrance fees. It goes on for a few days.
Train transportation is the most practical way. From the train station, it takes only a few meters and we are already in our destination.
Tip: If you want to taste the best french fries in Holland (best-tested in year 2011), do buy at the side of the back station. You pass it in going to the gothic church.
It was my first time to attend this event. We did not go to any concert and just strolled in the premises. It was a nice experience to watch the mode show of gothic lolita dolls and funky, cool male and female models.
Here are two videos I edited:
People & surroundings
Fashion show
Photo album 2011
Photo album 2010

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