zondag 14 augustus 2011

Japanese Fashion in Leiden

Japanese fashion weekend is held at Sieboldhuis, a Japanese museum in Leiden on Aug. 13-14, 2011. The styles of modern japanese fashion shown are gothic lolita, gyaru (street fashion), cosplay and visual kei.
From The Hague to Leiden, it takes 20 minutes with a train ride. From Amsterdam, it is a 35-minute train ride. From Leiden central station, it is around 15-minute walk to the museum.
Entrance fee in the museum is € 7.50. When we arrived there, the models were already gathered in the museum garden and in the hallway. It was busy and the photographers had their hands full with the beautiful models. There were two fashion shows, at 1 pm and at 2:30 pm. Then the show began. The narrator explained the origin and evolution of Japanese fashion. One thing I observed is that there are a lot of creative Dutch young women who design their own costumes. Some even made their own hats and weapons. There is a female duo with their own handmade Gothi Lolita clothes, the first in The Netherlands according to them. Unfortunately, there was only one male model. I expected a mixture of men and women fashion show. After the show, we explored the museum. There is a temporary exhibit of Kawaii Kimono, children's clothings. Going to the museum for the fashion show was worthwhile and educational.
For some video impressions, here are my short videos in youtube:
Gothic Lolita
Gyaru and visual kei
Para para dance & photo shoot models

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