zondag 14 augustus 2011

Gay Pride in Amsterdam

A yearly event in Amsterdam which happens every first week of August for 4 days. These are the names of the streets where you can go for street happenings:
- Westermarkt (where homosexual monument is located)
- Rembrandtplein
- Rembrantplein/Reguliersdwarsstraat
- Reguliersdwarsstraat
- Amstelkade (Rembrandtplein-Noord)
- Amstelveld
- Zeedijk
The main event is the canal boat parade on Saturday afternoon. The route begins mostly at Westerdok, Prinsengracht, Oudeschans, Amstel and ends at Oosterdok (near the train central station). I already attended this event twice, in 2009 and on Aug. 6, 2011. Two years ago, we had luck in filming and picture taking. This time we did not have a nice location and it was very crowded than the past years.
The starting point is at Westerdok located at the back of the train station and ends at Oosterdok near the front of train station. Tip: go there an hour earlier because even if the program states that it begins at 2 pm, the parade begins earlier. If you want to be where the action is, I suggest you go as early as possible at Prinsengracht where it is too crowded yet with a very warm ambiance. The theme is "All together now". It was the first time that Ministry of Defense participated.
Here are videos I filmed and photo albums for your viewing pleasure:
video impression1
video impression2
video impression3
Photo album 2011
Photo album 2010

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